Space To Dream


Disney World is the place where dreams come true, and this fantasy land with the friendly mouse is Caridad’s favorite place on earth. It only makes sense for this place of magic and happiness to be her dream destination, as she tries to maintain a steady flow of positivity and rational thinking throughout her life.

Just as films and manicures are creative mediums, Caridad finds that she can make anything into a creative activity. “Making art is the most important thing to me…creating is so easy because everything is art, if it means something to you.” A true Disney princess at heart, Caridad has a heart of gold and loves to spend her time volunteering. “Volunteering is one of my favorite things to do. Even though you might not think of it as a creative outlet, I make it one; I carefully craft how I talk about it to people, how I present myself there, the photos I take of my adventures.”

Like any true artist, Caridad has had to overcome some struggles in her life, one of which was her inclination to feel like she always had to prove herself. As the youngest of four siblings, she had a perceived notion that she had to do magnificent things in order to be noticed over her siblings. Caridad’s attempt to achieve perfection finally came to a halt when she realized that her family, friends, and siblings loved her for her. Since then, she lives a much more carefree life. “Perfection is a drug, and it can kill you. Don’t self-prescribe it.”

Along with the realization that no one can ever achieve perfection, Caridad has also recently learned that sometimes you just have to be selfish. Being a people pleaser is not always a good thing, and she has started to take some much-needed time to herself, even if it means simply taking five minutes a day to write. “I’m devoting time to all of my dreams. Nothing goes on the back burner anymore.”

The one dream that Caridad has, although she feels it is slightly unrealistic, is to train to be an astronaut. As a Space Camp graduate, Caridad follows Mars One closely and keeps track of all the candidates. “I remember having this intense moment in high school when Mars One was announced, and I seriously considered applying.”

Part of Caridad’s fascination with space most likely stems back to her belief in a connection to the universe. “If you close your eyes and really tune in, you can feel its power. Anything you need, it will provide, as long as you stay connected.”